Today, we come to you with a very personal entry for us.
Exactly a year ago, the most beautiful night in our life was held - a prom. This memory can not be forgotten. We decided to reminisce and share with you our impressions and photos of this beautiful night.
The whole ceremony took place in the beautiful Polish Książ castle in Wałbrzych. It was just fabulous, like from a movie. We danced the polonaise while walking through the castle. Then, we and a few other couples danced the tango that was recorded, as you can see below. We hope you enjoy it and be sure to let us know what you think about it! :)
And now it's time for photos! :)

a video of our tango

And you, how you remember your prom? :-) 


Hi everyone! J How are things? Winter has been in Poland for a few days. Therefore, we decided to reminisce and return to the memories of our awesome holidays! As you already know, we love to travel and we spent two weeks on the Kos island to relax and enjoy the Greek sun. The island is a part of the Dodecanese island chain in the southeastern Aegean Sea, off the Anatolian coast of Turkey. The principal town of the island and seat of the municipality is Kos town. We stayed at the extremely huge and beautiful Kipriotis Village Resort. The beach was just 100 meters away. Everyone lived there in small houses, not in a multistory hotel which was perfect idea! Generally speaking, it was a one of the best hotel we've ever stayed at. We also highly recommend it! It is worth to rent a car, bicycle or scooter and explore the island in this way. Kos is not a big island so it will not take much time. We rented a scooter and drove to the beautiful Tigaki beach. It is also worth taking a trip…

♥ OUR TRIP TO LONDON - a city with two faces ♥

Hi guys! 😊
Two weeks ago, we were in London for the first time!  Do we need to prove you how beautiful this city is? In our opinion, this is one of the most magnificent cities in the world. We were so impressed with the atmosphere of this place that we did not notice when all the time passed! We were very lucky, because despite the fact that London is famous for very rainy weather, we could admire the city in the sun! Could it be better? 
We were only a few days in the capital of England and we were unable to visit everything we planned. We spent most of our time in the very center of London.
As in the title, we would like to refer to the day and night in London because these are completely two other worlds . During the day, chaos prevails in the city. Everyone is in a hurry. Streets, underground stations and shopping centers are full of people. In turn, at night, London seemed a very magical place. All the lights on the streets and monuments made the atmosphere of the city. It does …


Hi everyone! :)
 How are you? There have been a few sunny days in our city recently. It's quite chilly, but we always try to use the sun's rays to make photos!
This time, in our outfits we decided to wear denim – mainly denim jacket. Each of us has such a piece of clothing for sure which is the basis of the wardrobe. The history of a denim jacket is almost as long as denim trousers, which is over 150 years old. The first model of a denim jacket is the Levi Strauss jacket, marked with the symbol 506, which was produced since 1905. Denim jacket fits everything. It can be combined with white, black, other colors or also with a different shade of denim. We have a place to show off!
In turn, we decided to combine it in the following way. Bianka is wearing a denim jacket with a grayish dress. Black tights with black boots lengthen the legs and the whole looks cute. Oskar is wearing a denim jacket with a grey T-shirt. He has trousers in a lighter shade of denim on his legs. The whole o…


In our first entry we would like to tell a little about oneself
and to show a few of our shared photographs which recently were done. :)
Hi!  Why are we here? The answer is pretty simple. We were already on a few photo sessions which not only in our opinion turned out to be very beautiful. We stated that it was this moment to share them with world.
But firstly... A few words about us.. We're Bianka and Oskar and we live in Poland. We're in relationship and we can't live without eachother. We try to spend every moment together and have a lot fun. Our biggest hobby is travelling and our dream is to travel all around the world. Our main purpose on this blog it's showing and inspiring you with our everyday oufits and from time to time reports from our journeys will also be here.
And now, it's time to introduce you our outfits! It was pretty impulsive but effects and... Well, you get the idea!  We decided to wear all black but Bianka's jacket and high heels are bei…